The Cork House in Eton

Wup Doodle are machining 1,200 blocks of expanded cork for an innovative proof-of-concept house, designed by Matthew Barnett Howland from MPH Architects.  The Cork House in Eton is a prototype for a new construction system designed to create a radically simple building envelope, which has been developed in collaboration with commercial partners and universities as part of an Innovate UK research project.

Based on expanded cork as a 100% natural material with no additional ingredients, the system has been designed and developed to deliver low impacts and high performance throughout its whole life-cycle:

  • Cork is harvested from forests that provide biodiversity and hydrologial stability
  • From resource through to construction, the system exhibits extremely low embodied carbon
  • Together with cross-laminated timber and structural Accoya joinery, the system is a dry-jointed prefabricated construction kit
  • Solid cork walls and roof create a highly insulated building envelope
  • The dry-jointed system allows for complete disassembly at the end of the building’s life
  • The recovered cork can be processed and re-used as an uncontaminated completely natural product

Image Credit – David Grandorge