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Architecture and engineering workshop + Pavilion construction


13th – 14th February 2016, at AKTII and Grimshaw’s Clerkenwell offices

A mixed two days of: short talks from professionals about architecture, engineering, sustainability, construction and drawing; facilitated design workshops helping the students apply what they learnt.

Working in teams of 2-6, the students each designed a summer pavilion for a site in St James Church garden, Clerkenwell. Following a visit to site the students saw their design through from concept sketches to 3D scale models accompanied by plans, sections and construction details explaining how to build it!

The workshop culminated in each team presenting their work to a jury of friendly architects and engineers from academia and industry.

The workshops provided an opportunity for students to:

  • to develop an understanding of what architects and engineers do
  • to consider new careers and tailor their A-levels to match
  • to gain experience for their personal statement
  • to have a fun and creative weekend!


The winning pavilion design was used as the basis for the pavilion built by the tutors and volunteers for Clerkenwell Design Week 2016.

The full story was elegantly told by Annabel and Erica in the Future of Design publications covering the project as a whole, and the construction phase in particular.