Triumph project with Nick Westby

London Festival of Architecture 2016: stainless steel rods support a tactile system of spinning bamboo pinwheels inside this east London pavilion by design studio Five Line Projects.

Called The Energy Pavilion, the temporary structure is this year’s edition of the Triumph Pavilion – an annual project run by competition organiser ArchiTriumph – and is located at the V&A Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green.

It comprises a dense arrangement of stainless steel poles sandwiched between a cross-laminated timber platform and a polished aluminium roof.

Threaded onto the poles are propeller-shaped pinwheels which, when twisted, create a ripple of motion through wheels on adjacent poles – similar to some traditional children’s toys.

“The Pinwheel Pavilion came with a mission to uncover the potential energy that a single action triggers in the community,” explained architect Laura Virto, one of the six team members of east London-based Five Line Projects.

“The main purpose is to engage people to make the pinwheels spin by transmitting energy to them, helping them to realise how an action as simple as a single push can trigger a grander reaction,” Virto told Dezeen.

“Through public interaction, the structure reinterprets the notion of energy and supports the belief that people are the most prominent force that propels society’s progress,” she said..

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Photos: Paul Carstairs, © Arup